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DC III Unit 4

Arkansas Digital Communications III Unit 4

Animated gif a single graphic file that contains a series of images which are displayed sequentially to give the illusion of movement or change over time
Animation the simulation of movement created by displaying a series of pictures or frames
Frame an individual picture in a sequence of images
Frame animation a computer animation technique that creates movement one frame at a time; the illusion of movement is created by displaying objects in slightly different poses or positions, one frame after another in rapid succession
Frame rate (fps) the number of frames per second at which an animation or video is intended to be viewed
Looping playing a sequence of frames over and over
Morphing a special-effects process in which persons or objects seem to change shape, form, etc.
Stop motion animation animation where a model is moved incrementally and photographed one frame at a time
Tweening an animation technique that, based on starting and ending shapes, creates the necessary "in-between" frames
Warping a special-effects process in which an object is bent or twisted out of shape
2D animation the creation of moving pictures in a two-dimensional environment, such as computerized animation software
3D animation the creation of moving pictures in a three-dimensional environment; Objects can be rotated and moved like real objects
Computer generated imagery (CGI) the application of the field of computer graphics (specifically 3D) to special effects
Key frame a frame in an animated sequence of frames which was drawn or otherwise constructed directly by the user rather than generated automatically, e.g. by tweening
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