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Education - Business

Business Related Vocabulary

Associates Degree for (AA) A degree given for successful completion of some courses of study at a two-year college.
Bachelor’s Degree (BA, BS) An academic degree typically requiring four years of study, conferred on someone who has successfully completed undergraduate studies; a bachelor of arts is a BA and a bachelor of science is a BS.
BBA Bachelors of business administration
College An institution of higher learning that offers undergraduate programs, usually of a four-year duration, that lead to a bachelor's degree in the arts or sciences.
Graduate School Post-undergraduate education, usually in pursuit of a master’s degree, doctorate, or professional degree.
Intrapreneurship The practice of applying entrepreneurial skills and approaches within an established company.
Major The subject, theme, or professional field in which students choose to specialize during their undergraduate education.
Master’s Degree A graduate degree typically requiring 2 or 3 more years of study beyond a bachelor’s degree. This is lower then a doctorate.
MBA Master of business administration; an advanced University degree in business studies.
Minor A secondary specialization; while a student might take 30 or more units in a major, a minor may only require about 10-15 units
PHD or doctorate The highest earned academic degrees conferred by a university. PhD – “doctor of philosophy” MD – “doctor of medicine”
Postsecondary education Education pursued after high school.
Undergraduate A university student who has not yet received a first degree.
University An educational institution that usually maintains one or more 4-year undergraduate colleges with programs leading to a bachelor’s degree, a graduate school of arts and sciences awarding master’s and, (PhDs), and graduate professional schools.
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