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Pages 62-64 (All the As)

aback surprised; startled
abate to lessen; to decrease
abdicate to give up
abduct to take away; to kidnap
aberration abnormality
abet to aid; to encourage
abeyance a postponement
abhor to hate
abide to remain or to put up with
abject miserable
abjure to give up (rights); to deny
ablution cleansing
abolition doing away with
abominate to dislike strongly
aborigine original inhabitant
abortive unsuccessful
abrade to wear or scrape away
abridge to shorten or diminish
abrogate to abolish
abscond to leave secretly
absolve to free from responsibility
abstemious to show moderation in eating or drinking
abstinence self-denial; voluntary restraint
abstract lacking substance
abut to border on; adjoin
abysmal extremely bad
abyss a bottomless pit; vast
academic theoretical or pertaining to school
accede to agree to; accept
accessible easy to approach
acclaim to greet with approval; praise
acclimate to get used to
acclivity an upward slope
accolade honor or award
accommodate to make fit; to help
accord agreement
accost to approach or speak to aggressively
accoutrements equipment or accessories
accredit to certify or endorse
accretion an addition or increase
accrue to accumulate
acerbic sharp; bitter; sour
acoustic dealing with sound
acquiesce to agree; accept
acquit to find not guilty
acrid bitter; irritating
acrimonious harsh speech or action
acronym word formed from initials of other words
actuate to put into action
acuity sharp perception
acumen mental insight
acute sharp; intense
adage a familiar saying
adamant unyielding
addend something added to another
addled confused; muddled
adduce something offered as proof
adept highly skilled
adhere to stick; to support
adjudicate to judge
adjunct an assistant or in addition to
admonish to warn
adroit skillful; shrewd
adulation praise or flattery
adulterate to make impure
advent a coming or arrival
adventitious accidental; incidental
adversary enemy; an opponent
advocate to support; to defend another
aegis protection
aesthetic pertaining to beauty
affable agreeable
affectation phony attitude or behavior
affiliation to associate with
affinity any attraction to
affirmative positive
affix to attach or add
affluence wealth
agape open-mouthed; sign of surprise
agenda list of things to be done
aggrandize to make greater
aggravate to irritate
aggregate to collect or gather together
aghast shocked
agitate to stir up
agnostic one who doubts the existence of God
agrarian pertaining to farmers and agriculture
alacrity willingness
alias an assumed name
allay to calm
allege to charge without proof
alleviate to lessen, lighten, or relieve
allocate to assign for a specific purpose
allude to hint at
aloft high in the air
aloof cool; indifferent
altercation an argument
altruism concern for others
amalgamate to combine or unite
amass to accumulate
amazon strong, masculine woman
ambient surrounding
ambiguous unclear, vague
ambivalence conflicting feelings toward something
ambulatory able to walk
ameliorate to improve; make better
amenable agreeable
amend to change
amenity courtesy or agreeableness
amiable friendly
amicable agreeable
amiss wrong; improper
amity friendship
amnesty official pardon for an offense
amoral no sense of right and wrong
amorous loving
amorphous shapeless
amphibious able to live on both land and water
ample abundant
amplify to make greater
amulet a charm worn to keep evil away
anachronism something out of place or time
analgesic drug that reduces pain
anarchy absence of government or order
anathema a curse; a person strongly disliked
ancillary subordinate
anecdote a short, entertaining story
anent concerning
animosity hostility
annals historical records
annihilate to totally destroy
annuity income paid at stated intervals
annul to cancel
anomalous abnormal; irregular
anoxia lack of oxygen
antagonistic hostile
antecedent that which goes before something else in time
anthology collection of literary works
anthropoid resembling man
antic playful or silly act
anticipate to prepare for in advance
anticlimax something unimportant coming after something special
antidote a remedy
antipathy strongly dislike
antiquated extremely old
antithesis an exact opposite
apathy indifference; lack of interest or emotion
aperture an opening
apex the highest point
aphasia loss of the ability to speak
aphorism brief saying; a short proverb
aplomb self-confidence
apocryphal mythical; doubtful in origin
apoplexy sudden loss of consciousness; paralysis
apostate one who gives up his beliefs
appall to frighten; dismay
apparition a ghost
appease to satisfy
appellation a name
append to add to
apprehend to catch; to understand
apprehensive fearful; anxious
apprise to inform
approbation approval
appropriate to take possession of; satisfactory
apropos appropriate; fitting
arbiter a judge; referee
arbitrary unbiased or at random
arbor a shaded area
arcane mysterious or secret
archaic out-dated
archetype original
archipelago group of islands
archives public records and documents
ardent strongly enthusiastic
arduous difficult
arid dry
array an orderly arrangement
arrears in debt
arrogant haughty; conceited; snooty
artful cunning; crafty
articulate to speak clearly
artifact a simple, handmade object
artifice deception
artisan a skilled craftsman
ascendant rising; dominant
ascertain to find out
ascetic self-denial
ascribe to attribute
aseptic without bacteria
asinine stupid or silly
askance to look at suspiciously
askew crooked; out of position
aspersion a damaging remark
aspire to have an ambition
assail to attack
assay to test
assent to agree
assess to estimate the value of; measure
assertive confident
assiduous diligence; care
assimilate to absorb
assuage to calm; to soothe
astray in the wrong direction
astringent substance that contracts blood vessels
astute very smart; clever
asunder into separate parts
asylum a refuge
atone to make up for
atrocious cruel; awful
atrophy to become useless; waste away
attenuated weakened
attest to confirm
attribute to assign to; a characteristic
attrition a wearing down
atypical not usual
audacity boldness
audible capable of being heard
audit to examine accounts or records
augment to increase or enlarge
augur to predict
august majestic; worthy of respect
aura a glow
aural pertaining to the sense of hearing
auroral rosy; like the dawn
auspicious favorable; fortunate
austere severe; self-disciplined
authenticate to confirm
authoritarian bossy, like a dictator
authoritative trustworthy; having power
autocratic unlimited authority
autonomy self-rule
avarice greed; money hungry
avenge to get revenge
aversion intense dislike
avert to prevent; to turn away
avid enthusiastic
avocation a hobby
avow to declare openly
awry in the wrong direction
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