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Chores C

Talking about Chores in Chinese

家务 Chores; housework
零用钱 Pocket money
打扫房间 To clean the room
打扫 To clean
用吸尘器打扫 To hoover
做饭 To cook
洗碗子 To wash the pots
买东西 To go shopping
洗车 To wash the car
摆好餐具 To set the table
整理床铺 To make the bed
我替妈妈打扫房间 To clean my room for mum.
我帮妈妈洗碗子 I help mum wash the pots.
我替爸爸洗车 I wash the car for dad.
我常常摆好餐具 I often set the table.
我很少做家务 I rarely do any housework.
我每天替妹妹做饭 Everyday I cook for my little sister.
昨天我洗了碗子 Yesterday I washed the pots.
Created by: Ginajay on 2012-04-27

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