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Reviews 1 & 2

Kristin Silva

vocabulary wordsdefinitions
digit any of the simbles used to write a number: 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9
expanded form a number writen as the sum of the values of its digits [ex: 500+30+8]
map ledgend a diagrm that explains the simbles, markings, and colors on a map [ also called map key]
map scale a device for relating distances on a map to corrispond distnces in the real world [ one inch on a map may equal one mile in the real world]
numeral digits used to make up numbers
place value the value of each digit in a number
product the answer to a multiplication problem
whole number all counting numbers including zero
wprd form a number written using words and not digits [ex:fifty-two]
addend one of the numbers being added in an addition problem
compute to figure out an answer
difference the amount that remains when one quanity is subtracted from another
even a number that is a multiple of two; it has a 0,2,4,6, or 8 in the ones place
odd a number that is not a multiple of two; it has 1,3,5,7, or 9 in the ones place
minued the amount that a number is subtracted from
rounded determaning an approximant value of a number given to a place value
standard form a number written with commas separating the groups of three digits
subtrahend a number that is being suvtracted from another number
sum the answer in an addition problem
Created by: ksilva

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