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Obartuck Vocab 28

Obartuck Vocabulary 28 (Brave New World - special edition 1)

Axiomatic (adj.) self-evidently true, or universally accepted as true
Indefatigable (adj.) never showing any signs of tiring or relaxing
Alphas (n.) the highest members of society
Betas (n.) the second highest members of society, allowed to interact with Alphas, but not lower groups
Deltas (n.) the mid-level members of society; mostly factory workers and laborers
Epsilons (n.) the lowest members of society (malformed and quite stupid)
Gammas (n.) the second lowest members of society; mostly laborers and menial workers
Bokanovsky Process (n.) human cloning process applied to fertilized human eggs, in vitro, which involves shocking an egg so that it divides to form up to 96 identical embryos
Wintry (adj.) cheerless or unfriendly
Decant (v.) to gently and carefully pour from one container into another
Created by: Obartuck on 2012-04-08

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