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Wheelock Chapter 7

Wheelock's Latin Vocabulary Chapter 7

amor, amōris m., love
carmen, carminis n., song
cīvitās, cīvitātis f., state, citizenship
corpus, corporis n., body
homō, hominis m., man, human being
labor, labōris m., work
littera, -ae f., sg. a letter of the alphabet; pl., a letter, literature
mōs, mōris m., custom
nōmen, nōminis n., name
pāx, pācis f., peace
rēgīna, -ae f., queen
rēx, rēgis m., king
tempus, temporis n., time
terra, -ae f., land, country, earth
uxor, uxōris f., wife
virgō, virginis f., maiden
virtūs, virtūtis f., manliness, virtue, courage
novus, -a, -um adj., new
post prep + acc., after, behind
sub prep. + abl. (verbs of rest) under, close to; + acc. with verbs of motion
audeō, audēre, ausus sum to dare
necō (1) to kill, to murder
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