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DSST World Religions

Ahimsa Non-violence, a central Jain principle.
Anekantwad The Jain principle of relativity or open-mindedness.
Aparigraha The Jain principle of non-acquisitiveness.
Digambara A highly ascetic order of Jain monks who wear no clothes.
Jina In Jainism, one who has realized the highest, omniscient aspect of his or her being and is therefore perfect.
Jiva The soul in Jainism.
Kevala The supremely perfected state in Jainism.
Samsara The continual round of birth, death, and rebirth in Hinduism, Jainism, and Buddhism.
Muni A Jain monk.
Tirthankaras The great enlightened teachers in Jainism, of whom Mahavira was the last in the present cosmic cycle.
Svetambara Jain order of monks who are less ascetic than the Digambara.
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