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Weather Grade 5

Weather Review Grade 5 VA WES Mr. G.

Air pressure (Presión de aire) The weight of the air, cold air is more dense, that is why a hot air balloon floats
Barometer (Barómetro) An instrument that measures air pressure, changes in air pressure indicate changes in weather are coming
Thermometer (Termómetro) An instrument that measure temperature, either in Celsius or Fahrenheit - (kelvin is yet another temperature scale used in laboratories)
Anemometer (Anemómetro) An instrument that measures wind speed
Weather vane (Paleta de tiempo) An instrument indicates wind direction
Cumulus Clouds that bellow up, heap up
Stratus Flat, low, grey clouds
Nimbostratus Clouds associated with thunderstorms and tornadoes- anvil shaped
Tropics (Zonas tropicales) Region of the Earth around the equator- since the sun shines at a more direct angle here, there is more solar energy and therefore a warm climate
Meteorologist (Meteorólogo) A person who studies (ology-the study of) weather and climate- often unfairly blamed for bad weather!
Air mass (Masa de aire) A large body of air with similar properties, such as a cold air mass, a warm air mass
Tornadoes A violently rotating column of air, associated with cumulonimbus clouds, most destructive of all storms, rotates counterclockwise in the northern hemisphere and clockwise in the southern hemisphere, with wind speeds of 100 to 300 mph
Hurricane (Huracán) Storms that form over warm ocean water, and like tornadoes, have a rotating center, called the eye
What is the difference between climate (clima) and weather? Weather is what is happening today, Climate is the average weather in an area
Precipitation Precipitación Rain, sleet, hail, or snow (or cats and dogs!)
Relative Humidity The amount of water vapor in the air compared to how much it can hold- warm air can hold more moisture, therefore it is more humid in the summer
Created by: stevegissendanner on 2012-03-05

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