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chapter 2

Branding a marketing function that identifies products and their source and differentiates them from all other products
consumer packaged goods
de-marketing term coined during energy shortage of the 1970s and 1980s. used to slow the demand for products
industrial age historical period of the first 70 years of the 20th century . shown by tremendous growth and maturation of the US industrial base. new ad inexpensive brands of luxury and convenience goods
market segmentation identify groups of people or organizations with shared needs and charc within the broad markets for consumers or business products and aggregating these groups into larger market segments according to their mutual interest in the products utility
position strategy an effective way to separate a particular brand from its competitors by associating that brand with a particular set of consumer needs
postindustrial age cataclysmic change starting in the 1980, when people first became truly aware of the sensitivity of the environment in which we live
preindustrial age start of the 19th century during the invention of paper and the printing press and increased literacy gave rise to the first forms of written advertising
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