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Chapter 1

Advertising the structured and composed non-personal communication of information, paid for and persuasive in nature, about products or ideas from sponsors
Marketing Communications the various efforts and tools companies use to initiate and maintain communication with customers and prospects, including solicitation letters, newspaper ads, event sponsorships, publicity, telemarketing, and coupons
Consumers people who buy products and services for their own personal use
Goods Tangible products
Services Bundle of benefits that may or may not be physical, that are temporary in nature, and come from a completion of a task
Ideas Economic, political, religious or social viewpoints that advertising may attempt to sell
Product particular good or service a company sells
Medium instrument or communications vehicle that carries or helps transfer a message from the sender to the receiver.
Mass Media print of broadcast media that reach very large auidiences. radio, tv billboards
Noise ad message competing with other advertisements and other commercial and noncommercial products
Sponsor company responsible for the message ad distribution of an advertisement. not the author but the sponsor pays for the creation of the ad and distribution
Author Copy writer or art director or a creative group at the agency that is commissioned by the sponsor to create the advertising message
Persona real or imaginary spokes person who lends some voice or tone to an advertisement or commercial
Autobiographical Messages Style of advertising that uses firsts person "I" or to tell a story to the audience, "you"
Narrative Message third person tells a story about others to an imagined audience
Implied consumer consumers who are addressed by the ad's persona. they are not real but imagined by the ad's creators to be the ideal consumer--part of the drama of the ad.
Sponsorial Consumer group of decision makers at the sponsor company or organization who decide if an ad will run or not, typically composed of executives and managers who have the responsibility for approving and funding a campaign
Actual Consumer People in the real world who are the ad's target audience . they are the consumers the message is directed at.
Drama Message one for the 3 literally forms of advertising message the character act out the events directly in front of an imagined empathetic audince
Process planned series of actions or methods to take place sequentially like developing products, pricing them, making them available to customers through a distribution network, promoting them through sales and advertising activities
Marketing planning and executing the conception, pricing, promotion, and distribution of ideas, goods ,and services to create exchange that satisfies the perceived needs,wants and objectives of individuals and organizations
Target Market the group to whom the message is directed to
Target Audience who the message is directed to
Consumer Advertising directed at the ultimate consumer of the product or the person who will buy the product for someone else's personal use
Retail Advertising sponsored by retails and businesses
Business Advertising directed at people who buy or specify goods and services for business use aka business to business advertising
Business to Business( B2B) same as business advertising "aka"
Trade Advertising to middlemen to stimulate wholesalersand retailers to buy goods for resla eto their customers
Professional Advertising directed at individuals who are normally licensed to operate under a code of ethics or a set of professional standards
Agricultural Advertising directed to farmers as business people and other agricultural businesses
Price Advertising all based on the price
Image Advertising type of advertising intended to create a particular perception of the company or personality for the brand
Sale Advertising designed to stimulate the movement of particular merchandise or generally increase store traffic by placing the emphasis on special reduced prices
Global advertising through various countries throughout the world--with consistent message
International Advertising Aimed at foreign markets
National advertising nationally advertise products in its own country
Local advertising within a city or country with people in the same geographical area
Regional advertising used by companies that market their products goods services in a limited geographical region
Personal selling sales method with person to person contact like a tele marketeer
Product advertising advertising to promote goods and services --a functional classification of advertising
Value the ratio of perceived benefits to the price of the product
non-product advertising designed to sell ideas or philosophy rather than products and services
non commercial advertising advertising sponsored for a charitable event, civic group, religious order, political organization, or non profit group to stimulate donations, persuade people to vote one way or another or to bring attention to social clause
awareness advertising attempts to buil the image of a product or familiarity with the name and package
action ( direct response) advertising immediate action on the part of the reader or viewer
Sale promotion direct inducement offering extra incentives all along the marketing route to accelerate through distribution channels to consumers--to accelerate the movement of the product from the producer to the consumer
Public relations to manage a companies reputation for the goodwill of the company
Public relations advertising attempts to improve a companies relations and image with the public
collateral materials all of the accessory non-media advertising materials prepared by manufacturers to help dealers sell a product --booklets , brochures, films, sales kits, trade show exhibits
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