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Earths Surface 2nd G

2nd Grade Unit C Chapter 1

A hard, non-living thing that comes from the Earth rock
The loose top layer of the Earth's surface soil
This is anything that people can use resource
Something found in nature that people can use to meet their needs natural resource (people use rocks to build things and make sculptures)
How to people use soil? grow food, make bricks
Can you give an example of another resource that grows? plants
How do people use plants? They use wood from trees to make furniture and paper. They make cloth from cotton to make clothes, sheets and many other things.
Are ther more ways to use plants? They burn plants for fuel. They can use fallen branches to make a campfire or burn the newspapers
A product that helps people who are sick or in pain medicine
What natural resource do we use everyday and shold drink a lot? water
How do people use water? Swimming, transportation and cleaning
Do all living things need water to live? yes
This is a way to move people or things transportation (how people use water to sail boats and ships)
Can you make electricity with water? yes
Created by: cchristine98

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