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Lesson 11 Wordly Wis

WOrldy wise chapter 11 review

Amenity A feature that contributes to physical comfort.
Averse Having a feeling of opposition or distaste.
Complacent So self-satisfied that one sees no need for change; unconcerned.
Decompose To decay or break down into basic elements.
Defray To supply the money for; pay for.
Emanate To come out from a source.
Envisage To picture in one's mind.
Facetious Playfully or inappropriately humorous.
Fallacy A false or mistaken idea.
Furor An uproar; a state of great anger or excitement.
Idyll An episode or experience that is calm and carefree.
Paucity Scarcity, smallness in number or amount.
Porous Full of tiny holes or spaces; easily penetrated.
Supersede To replace
Tangible Real; touchable.
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