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PreElect Comp Hist

Graves Pre-Electronic Computer History

What pre-electronic computer do we credit the Chinese with first inventing? The abacus
What did the abacus do? It aided counting
What did the Scotsman John Napier invent that was important to computing? Napier’s Rods or Napier’s Bones
What did Napier’s Rods do? They made multiplication and division faster by simplifying it into addition and subtraction
What did French mathematician Blaise Pascal invent? The Pascaline
What was the Pascaline? It was a mechanical calculator (accurate to 8 digits) that jammed often
What did the Frenchman Joseph-Marie Jacquard invent that was important to computing? The automatic loom
What did Jaquard’s automatic loom do? It used punch cards to program the loom to weave patterns into cloth
What did Charles Babbage first invent that was important to computing? The Difference Engine
What did the Difference Engine do? It was an advanced mechanical calculator
What did Charles Babbage invent second that was important to computing? The Analytical Engine
What did the Analytical Engine do? It was a programmable mechanical calculator capable of doing calculus
How was the Analytical Engine programmed? By punch cards
Who programmed the punch cards for the Analytical Engine? Ada Byron (also known as Lady Lovelace)
Who is known as the Father of Computers? Charles Babbage
Who is known as the First Computer Programmer? Ada Byron (also known as Lady Lovelace)
What did Herman Hollerith invent to count the 1890 census within 6 weeks? The Tabulating Machine
What did the Tabulating Machine use to do its work? It used punch cards for data storage and electrical dials to display results
Created by: EdwardgRM