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Genetics Vocab chp 5

Genetics the study of heredity
Gregor Mendel called the Father of Genetics and developed the principal of genetics by researching pea plants
Trait characteristic of an organism
Dominant gene stronger gene or trait in genetics
Recessive gene weaker gene or trait in genetics
Allelle each form of a gene
Hybrid An organism with two different genes for a particular trait
Purebred an organism that has either both dominant or both recessive traits
Incomplete dominance condition that occurs when a gene is neither dominant nor recessive
Codominance the expression of two dominant traits within the same organism at the same time
Meiosis Process that results in cells with only half the normal number of chromosomes
Phenotype visible characteristics of an organism
Genotype genetic makeup of an organism
Punnett Square a chart that is used to show the possible gene combinatons in a cross between two organisms.
Mutation a change in a gene or chromosome that results in a new characteristic
Sex-linked trait characteristic passed from parent to child on a sex chromosome
DNA nucleic acid that stores the information needed to build proteins and carries genetic information about an organism
Genetic engineering Process in which genes or parts of DNA are transferred from one organism into another organism
Gene the basic unit of heredity
Heredity the passing of traits and genes from parent to offspring.
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