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Roots and Affixes 1

Set 1 roots and affixes

Affix or RootMeaningExample Words
anti- against anti-gravity, antagonist, antiperspirant
com-/con-/co-/cor- together correlation, community, connect, co-founder
dis- not, opposite of; away disable, discontinue, disagree, dismiss
en-/em- OR in-/im- in, near, towards; put into, make, or surround with embrace, enter, enslave, empower, into, infer, input, imply
ex- out, away exit, express, expel
im-/in-/il-/ir- not irregular, illegal, inactive, impossible
sub- under, below substitute, submarine, subway
trans- across, beyond transfer, transmit, transfusion
un- not, opposite, against unable, undo, unnecessary
dic, dict talk, speak, say, declare, proclaim dictionary, predict, dictator
doc to teach documentary, doctor, docile
cycl circle recycle, bicycle, cyclone
auto self automobile, automatic, autobiography
ambul walk, move from place to place ambulance, amble, circumambulate
aud, audi hear audience, auditorium, audio
bene, beni good beneficial, benefit, benign
bio life biography, biology, biome
circum around circumnavigate, circumference, circumcise
cred believe incredible, incredulous, creed
-able/-ible able to, can do audible, lovable, memorable
-ed forms PAST TENSE peered, lunged, trapped
-est comparative degree: MOST highest, strongest, cutest
-eer/-er/-or OR -ian someone who; a person or thing that does something musician, engineer, teacher, actor
-less without, missing friendless, penniless, worthless
-y/-ly made up of, characterized by; forms an ADJECTIVE from a noun lovely, friendly, funny
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