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Ch2: Marketing

Chapter 2: The Marketing Plan

strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats SWOT analysis
analysis of outside influences that may impact environmental scan
formal, written document that directs company activity marketing plan
brief overview of the marketing plan executive summary
study of internal & external factors that affect marketing strategies situation analysis
projection of probable, future sales in units or dollars sales forecasts
IDs target markets & sets marketing mix choices that focus on those markets marketing strategy
expectation that reflects the plan's objectives; measuring stick performance standard
classifying people in a market into even smaller groups market segmentation
stats that describe a population by characteristics; age, gender, income, education, etc. demographics
money left after taxes disposable income
money left after paying basic living expenses like food, clothing, shelter discretionary income
segmentation of a market based on where people live geographics
grouping people with similar lifestyles, attitudes, opinions, values psychographics
using one marketing strategy to reach all customers mass marketing
something that helps bring about a result factor
the skills and knowledge used by people to make tools and do work technology
Anything relating or belonging to the outside. external
situated or occuring within or on the inside internal
skills that you are good at, or qualities that you have that are good strengths
skills that you are not good at, or qualities that you have that are not good weaknesses
chances to do something opportunities
the broad range of forces capable of producing adverse consequences threats
A way of thinking or feeling about certain things. attitude
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