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History Vocab 3


Someone who search's for provisions or supplies Forager
The time before there was history Pre-historic
A person who either hunts for food or gathers food Hunter-gatherer
The last phase of the stone age Neolithic
The early phase of the stone age Paleolithic
The practice of herding Pastoralism
A sudden complete change in something. Revolution
To be the best in a specific activity Specialization
Anything that is extra or left over Surplus
Learning as a group Collective learning
Humans spread all over the major land masses of the world Population Extensification
Humans could stay and increase their population because of agriculture Population Intensification
Something that can not be seen or touched Abstract
The spread of culture Cultural Diffusion
The ability to make things out of metal Metallurgy
When two or more things live and work together Mutual Dependence
Something that can be seen or touched Physical
A picture, sign, or symbol Pictographs
A self-governing city City-State
A large territory ruled by one ruler Empire
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