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intmed 12 for 29

TCM internal medicine 12 formulas

Bao He Wan Fever - Food stag Stomach Ache - Irregular diet Abdomen Pain - Phlegm congestion food stag Diarrhea - Irregular diet
Bu Fei Tang Cough - Int Lu Qi xu Asthma - Lu Qi Xu
Chai Hu Shu Gan Tang Stomach Ache - Liv Qi disharmony Abdomen Pain - Liv/St disharmony
Er Chen Tang Cough - Int Damp Phlegm congests Lu Asthma - Phlegm congests Lu
Jin Gui Shen Qi Wan Cough - Int Ki Yang xu Asthma - Ki not grasping qi Wheezing - Lu & Ki Qi & Yang xu Fever - Yang xu
Liang Fu Wan Stomach Ache - Cold evil Abdomen Pain - Cold Invading
Ma Xing Shi Gan Tang Wheezing - Heat Asthma - wind cold invades transforms to internal heat
Qing Zao Jiu Fei Tang Dry of Fall - Heat Damages Lu Yin Lung Abscess - Recovery stage Lu Qi & Yin Xu
Sang Ju Yin Cough - Ext. Wind Heat Dry of Fall - Wrm Dry evil affects Lu
Sang Xing Tang Loss of Voice - Dry Heat Cough - Ext. Wind Heat
Xie Bai San Cough - Int Liv Fire Insults Lu Asthma - Heat Stasis in Lu
Yin Qiao San Common cold - wind heat Wind Warmth - Lu & Wei Qi Xu Lung Abscess - Wind Cold or Heat invades Lu transforms to heat
Hua Gan Tang Abdominal Pain - Liv Emo disharmony Stomach Ache - Liver stag -> heat
Created by: Cheri Tuttle Callis Cheri Tuttle Callis on 2011-10-31

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