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Quack Vocabulary 2

Quack Vocabulary Volmue 2

corroborate to confirm; to back up with evidence
amorous feeling loving, especially in a sexual sense
decorous proper; in good taste
expedite to speed up the progress of
idyllic naturally peaceful
juxtapose to place side by side
incandesent brilliant; giving off heat or light
exasperate to annoy thoroughly
discordant lacking in harmony or agreement
volatile highly unstable; explosive
distend to swell; to expand
fecund fertile; productive
sage a wiseman; to be wise through experience and reflection
vacuous lacking ideas of intelligence
deride to ridicule
assail to attack with words or force
benevolent generous, kind
scrutinize to examine very carefully
histrionic overly dramatic
didactic intended to teach; morally instructive
Created by: sherry.propst

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