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Ecce Romani 35 SALT

Ecce Romani Chapter 35 vocabulary SALT

collis, collis, gen pl., collium (m.) hill
Quirīnālis, -is, -e Quirinal (or the Quirinal Hill, one of Rome’s seven hills)
deus, -ī god
vulnus, vulneris (n.) wound
ligō, -āre, -āvī, -ātus to bind up
crēdo, crēdere, crēdidī, crēditus + dat. to believe, trust
sēcūrus, -a, -um carefree, unconcerned
Subūra, -ae Subura, a section of Rome known for its night life
fūstis, fūstis, gen pl., fūstium (m.) club
timor, timōris (m.) fear
affectus, -a, -um overcome, affected
celerius (adv.) more quickly
facile (adv.) easily
cōnsecūtī sunt they overtook
fortissimē (adv.) most/very bravely
tergum, -ī (n.) back, rear
prōnus, -a, -um face down
summus, -a, -um greatest, very great
gravis, -is, -e heavy, serious
percutiō, percutere, percussī, percussus to strike
corripiō, corripere, corripuī, correptus to seize, grab
adimō, adimere, adēmī, adēmptus + dat. to take away from
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