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Ch 5 Env Sci Voc

Ch 5- How Ecosystems work- pg. 142 Brittney compton

Photosynthesis Energy from the sun to the ecosystem transfered to the plant for food.
producer An organisim that makes its own food.
Consumers Organisims that get their energy by eating other organisims.
Decomposers organisims that break down dead rotting organisims.
cellular respiratoin The process of breaking down food to yeld energy which occurs in inside the cells of most organisims.
Food chain Is a sequence in which energy is transferd from one organisim to the next.
Food web Shows many feeding relationships that are posible in an ecosystem.
Trophic level Each step through which energy is transfered in a food chain.
Carbon cycle Is a process by which carbon is cycled between the atmosphere, land, water, and organisims.
Nitrogin-fixing Bacteria the only bacteria that can fix atmoshpheric nitrognen compond.
Nitrogin Cycle a process in which nitrogen is cycled between the atmosphere,bacteria, and other organisims.
Phosphorus Cycle is the movement of phrosphorus from the enviroment to the organisims and then back to enviroment.
Ecological succession is a gradual process of change and repacement of some or all of the species in a community.
primary succession is the type of succession that occurs on a surface where no ecosystem existed before.
Seccondary succession the more common type of succession,occurs on a surface where a ecosystem has previously exsisted.
Pioneer species the first organisims to colonize any newly avaliable area and begin the process of ecological succession.
Climax communitity is a final and stable community
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