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Fall of Rome

Eastern Orthodox a branch of Christianty that deleoped in the Byzantine Empire and that did not recognize the pope as its supreme leader
Roman Catholicism a branch of Christianty that developed the western Roman empire and that recongnized the Pope as its supreme leader
architecture the science of planning and constructing buildings
Diocletian Roman empire who divided the empire in two and oversaw the eastern part
Constantine Roman emperor who founded Constantinpole as the new eastern capital of the Roman empire
Constantinpole a city established as the new eastern capital of the Roman empire by the emperor in A.D. 330 now called Istanbul
Byzantine empire the name by which the eatern half of the Roman empire became known some time after A.D. 400
What was different about Germanic tribes and Romans? Germanic tribes were nomadic (moved from place to place)and Roamans worried about constant invasion- not for war, for food!!!
What were the huns like? Small, horse back, eat raw meat and keep them under sadals and sycho people that never left their horses.
If you were in a Germanic tribe how could you get into Rome. There were only soliders at the border so you would go around the soliders and just go in.
Vandals Germanic tribes (bad guys)
Who was Attlia? The leader hun who burned, killed, power, hunger, maniac, did not care about$.
What was Ironic about the name of the last king? Romlus Agustus. Romulus- founder of Rome and Agustulus- first emppire.
What year was the fall of Rome? 476 A.D.
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