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social studies test

how long can an olive tree live? up to 1500 years
How many lives can be saved with one pint of blood? four
Monoploly fact everyday there is more money printed for monopoly games than the us treasury
is the atlanic or pacific ocean saltier? Atlantic
who invented the electric chair? a dentist
Aruba aruba suspect tried to redeem policy two days after she went missing... 1.5 million... Gary V Giordano.... Robyn Gardner
Know the defintion and example for a para olympian def:an athlete that is physically disabled ex:Mallory Weggemans
give a definition and example of famine def: extreme and general scarcity of food as in a country or large geographical area. ex: africa
what happened in lybia? lybian rebels seized most of the capitol, swiped control of the state tv and battled moammar as their efforts converged on the one task that could bring an end.
Gadhafi ?dfsdfdf
defintion and example of civil war def: a war between political factions or regions within the same country ex: the civil war with the union and the confederacy in america
tell about 5.9 earthquake earthquake near dc felt along east coast...fema= entire east coast should prepare for hurrican Iren
31 million children ???????????
give a definition and example of poverty def: the state or condition of having no money, goods, or means of support. ex: people in africa that have no homes
42 years? ...........?
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