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Ecce Romani 31 SALT

Ecce Romani Chapter 31 vocabulary SALT

cachinnus, -ī (m.) laughter
optimus, -a, -um best, very good, excellent
lanius, laniī (m.) butcher
carō, carnis (f.) meat
Quantī…? How much…?
perna, -ae (f.) ham
pretium, -ī (n,) price
quidem (adv) indeed
umquam (adv) ever
procāx, procācis insolent or (slang) pushy
autem (conj) however, but
multus, -a, -um much
pinquis, -is, -e fat
minuō, minuere, minuī, minūtus to reduce, lessen, decrease
denarius, -ī, (m.) denarius (silver coin)
immō (adv) rather, on the contrary
lepus, leporis (m.) hare
additus erit (it) will have been added, is added
grātīs (adv) free, for nothing
rēctē (adv) rightly, properly
vērō (adv) truly, really, indeed
pāscō, pāscere, pāvī, pāstus to feed, pasture
addō, addere, addidī, additus to add
accipiō, accipere, accēpī, acceptus to receive, get
trīclinium, -ī (n.) dining room
mittī to be sent
retinērī to be held back, kept
emī to be bought
reprehendō, reprehendere, reprehendī, reprehēnsus to blame, scold
celeber, celebris, celebre famous
nōtus, -a, -um known
fidēlissimus, -a, -um most faithful
bibō, bibere, bibī to drink
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