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Parts of speech study guide for end of the year test

what is a way of thinking about language grammar
the four levels of traditional grammar Parts of speech Parts of sentence Phrases Clauses Diagram
the 8 kinds of words in English dictionary Parts of speech
Person, place, thing, or idea Noun
takes place of noun Pronoun
What type of pronoun can be used for subject of verbs and subject compliments Subject
List the subject pronouns(7) I, you, he, she, it, we, you
List the object pronouns(7) me, you, him, her, it, we, you, them
What modifies a noun or pronoun adjective
The three adjectives_, __, and ___ are articles(1, 2, 3 letters) A, an, the 1 2 3
___ is a definite article The
_ and __ are indefinite articles A, an
The three degrees of adjectives are _____, _____, and _____ Positive, comparative, and superlative
a verb shows _____, _____, or links a subject to its _______ _______ Action, being, subject compliment
a ______ is a word that joins two words or groups of words Conjuction
list the coordinating conjunctions(7) And, or, but, for, nor, so, yet
List 5 subordinating conjunctions Because, since, before, whereas, although
The correlative conjuctions are neither nor, either or, not only but also
a _______ shows relationship between its object and another word in the sentence Preposition
an _______ shows emotion but has no grammatical function Interjection
Do 4-level analysis for the sentence My uncle eagerly wrote many books about the civil war Pro.n, n, adv, v, adj, n, prep, adj, n subj AVP DO 1 independent simple declarative
write a sentence using every part of speech at least once Yo, cucumbers are very dumb, but they live under the ground.
a ______ verb transfers action to the ______ Transative, direct object
The ______ object is indirectly affected by the verb Indirect
A ______ verb does not need to transfer action intransative
a gerund us used as a _____ and ends in _____ noun, ing
a participle is used as a _____ ending in ___/___ adj, ing/ed
An infinitive is the word to and a _____ and can be used as a _____, _____, or _____ verb, noun, adj, adv
What are the gerunds, participles, and infinitives in the sentence: Studying for a graded test is a good idea to help remember the facts Studying=gerund, graded=partacipe, to help=infinitive
What are the gerunds, participles, and infinitives in the sentence: The untrained pilot wanted to learn how to fly to Florida untrained=participle, to learn=infinitaive
Use laughing as an adjective The laughing rock didnt make a sound
Use walking as a subject walking causes death
Use to play as a direct object I want to play
Created by: jhodgman on 2011-05-15

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