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Lesson 1 to 18 test

hot words cumulative test 1 to 18

laconic adj. using few words in speech
garrulous adj. talkative; loquacious
grandiloquent adj. using big and fancy words when speaking for the purpose of impressing
ostentatious adj. having to do with showing off; pretentious
supercilious adj. looking down on others; proud and scornful
insolent adj. boldly disrespectful in speech or behavior; rude
derivative adj. unoriginal; taken from something already existing
prosaic adj. dull; commonplace
vapid adj. lacking freshness and zest; flat; stale
ameliorate vb. to make better; to lessen pain, difficulty, or tension
assuage vb. to alleviate; to lessen pain or conflict; pacify
mitigate vb. to make or become less severe; to lesson pain or damage
convivial adj. sociable, outgoing in a festive way, especially when pertaining to eating
cantankerous adj. bad-tempered; quarrelsome
disputatious adj. likely to dispute or argue
polemical adj. inclined to argue or debate; controversial
largess n. generous giving
munificent adj. very generous
penurious adj. stingy; relating to great poverty, destitution
quandary n. a dilemma; a confusing or puzzling situation
iniquitous adj. showing a lack of fairness; wicked; vicious
deleterious adj. harmful to one’s health or overall welfare; pernicious
pernicious adj. very destructive or harmful, usually in an inconspicuous and relentless way
nefarious adj. very mean and wicked
impugn vb. to oppose or attack someone or something as false or refutable
upbraid vb. to chide; to scold bitterly
phlegmatic adj. hard to get excited or emotional; calm
stoical adj. lacking emotion or not showing any emotion
lassitude n. a tired feeling, usually resulting from depression or too much work
soporific adj. sleep-inducing; sleepy
torpid adj. lacking energy; relating to inactivity; feeling sluggish
indolent adj. lazy; not wanting to do any work
obsequious adj. obeying or performing a service for someone in an overly attentive manner
fawning adj. gaining the favor of another by acting overly kind or by flattery
ardent adj. full of passion and emotion
ebullient adj. filled with a bubbly excitement, as if boiling over with excitement
adamant adj. unwilling to bend; unyielding
dogged adj. stubborn; determined
intractable adj. stubborn; hard to manage
obdurate adj. resistant to persuasion or softening; stubbornly persistent in wrongdoing
obstinate adj. stubborn; inflexible
recalcitrant adj. stubborn; disobedient; defiant
cacophony n. lack of harmony; loud and unpleasant noise; a racket
din n. ongoing loud sound; noise
euphony n. pleasing sound
mellifluous adj. sweet and smooth sounding
strident adj. shrill; high-pitched
vociferous adj. loud and noisy regarding one’s own voice, especially shouting; demandingly clamorous
hidebound adj. strongly-opinionated; narrow-mindedly stubborn
raucous adj. coarse-sounding; loud and unruly
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