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Geometry Vocab. l

Math helps you in life

What is an angle AN angle is two rays or lines intersect
What is a vertex The point of two of intersection between two rays
What is a degree a unit of angle measure
What is a protracter a tool used to measure angles
What is an acute angle measure less than 90˚
what is a right angle measures exactly 90˚
What is an obtuse angle measures more than 90˚
What is a complementary angle Two separate angles that add up to 90˚
Supplementary angles two seperate angles that add up to 180˚
A triangle is a... 3 sided polygon
The sum of any triangles must be... 180˚
All triangles get a name... first, middle, and last name
What are the first names Acute, Right, and Obtuse
What are the middle names Scalene, Isosceles, and Equilateral
What is the last name It is always "triangle".
What does Scalene triangle mean All sides are different
What does Isosceles triangle mean Two sides are equal
What does equilateral mean All sides are the same
Quadrilaterals are... 4 sided polygons
The sum of the interior angles are... 360˚
Trapezoids- quadrilaterals that have... 1 pair of parallel sides.
The parallels sides are called the... bases.
they are quadrilaterals Have 2 pairs of parallel sides Opposite angles are congruent Consecutive angles are suplimentary Parallelograms
In addition to what is listed above for parallelograms, they have 4 equal sides Rhombi
In addition to what is listed above for parallelograms, _______ have 4 90˚, right angles. rectangles
Parallelograms that are rhombi and rectangles are _____. ___ are parallelograms that have 4 congruent sides AND 4 congruent angles. Squares
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