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A part of vocabulary on DNA words

What does the word DNA mean ? DNA is a chemical code that contains all the information for an organisms growth and development.
What is Adenine and where is it found within the DNA? Adenine is part of a nitrogen based pair that is connected with thymine. It is located in between the sides, it is a rung.
What is Thymine and where is it found within the DNA? Thymine is a rung that is connected to Adenine and and cant ever be connected to any other pair except Adenine without creating a error with dangers.
What is Cytosine and what is it connected to within the DNA? Cytosine is part of nitrogen base pairs and can only be connected with Guanine.
What is Guanine and what is it connected to within the DNA? Guanine is part of nitrogen base pairs and can only be connected with Cytosine.
What is an Enzyme? Proteins that seperate the DNA sides so that bases can pair with the original sides.
What are Genes? Genes are instructions for making specific proteins. They are found on chromosomesand determine most of the organism's characteristics.
What is RNA? RNA is half a ladder instead of a whole one,(unlike DNA) and contains Uracil instead of Deoxyribose.
What are Mutations? Mutations are any permanant change(s) in the DNA sequence of a gene or chromosome.
What is Cytokinesis? The division of the parent cell's cytoplasm, it happens immideatly after mitosis.
What is Bianary Fission? It is a form of asexual reproduction occuring in Prokaryotes.
What is the Cell cycle? The cell cycle is the normal sequence of development and division of a cell.
What are chromosomes? Chromosomes are compact structures that every organism has.
What is Anaphase? A phase where fibers pull the chromosomes apart into two equal sets of DNA, inside the cell.
What is Metaphase? The phase in mitosis where the Chromosomes line up in the middle of the cell.
What is Mitosis? It is a series of steps which are in the Cell cycle. It is part of cell division.
Created by: airicka on 2011-01-12

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