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Barron's WL-43

Severity harshness(intensity), sternness, austerity
Sextant navigation tool to determine ship's latitude and longitude
Shakle chain, fetter
Sham pretend
Shambles wreck, mess
Shard fragments(generally of pottery)
Shaving very thin pieces(esp. of wood)
Sheaf bundles of stalks of grain
Sheathe put in a case
Slough cast off
Slovenly untidy, careless in work habits
Sluggard lazy person
Sluggish slow, lazy, lethargic
Sluice artificial channel for redirection and control of water flow
Slur(N) insult to one's character/reputation, slander
Slur(v) speak indistinctly, mumble
Smattering slight knowledge
Smelt melt or blend ores, changing their chemical composition
Smirk conceited smile
Smolder burn without flame, be liable to break off at any moment
Snicker half stifled(suppressed) laugh
Snivel run at the nose, snuffle, whine
Sobriety seriousness, moderation(with alcohol)
Sojourn temporary stay
Solace comfort in trouble
Solder repair or make whole using some metal alloy
Sodden soaked, dull as if from drink
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