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Vocab 4-8

Deride to mock or ridicule
Desiccated dried up
Despicable contemptible, hateful
Desultory wandering from subject to subject
Deviate to turn aside
Diadem a crown
Diaphanous very sheer and light
Dichotomy division into two parts
Ebullient enthusiastic
Eclectic choosing from various sources
Edify improve someone morally
Effete worn out; barren
Egregious remarkably bad; outrageous
Elegy a sad or mournful poem
Elicit to draw forth; to call forth
Elixir a supposed remedy for all ailments
Elucidate to make clear
Emanate to come forth; to send forth
Emendation a correction
Empathy an understanding of another's feelings
Empirical based on practical experience
Endemic confined to a particular country or area
Enervate to weaken
Ennui boredom; weariness resulting from lack of interest
Ephemeral lasting only a brief time; short-lived
Epitome a typical example
Ergo therefore
Erotic pertaining to sexual love
Eschew to keep away from; to avoid; to shun
Facetious comical; jocular; flippant
Factious causing disagreement
Fastidious hard to please; fussy
Fatuous foolish; inane
Fecund fertile; productive
Ferret to search or drive out
Fervent eager, earnest
Fetish an object that receives special respect or devotion
Finesse diplomacy; tact; artful management
Fiscal pertaining to finances
Fissure an opening; a groove; a split
Flaccid flabby
Flagellate to whip; to lash
Flaunt to show off
Flout to ridicule, to show contempt for
Foment to stir up; to incite
Fop an excessively fashion-conscious man
Fortuitous lucky; by chance
Gambol to frolic; to romp around playfully
Garish tastelessly gaudy
Garner to gather; to acquire
Garrulous talkative
Germane relevant; fitting
Gibe to scoff, to ridicule
Gloat to look at or think about with great satisfaction
Glower to stare angrily
Grandiose impressive, showy, magnificent
Gratuitous unnecessary or uncalled for
Grotesque absurd; distorted
Gumption courage and initiative; common sense
hackneyed commonplace; overused
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