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lesson 2

Chinese Link Level 2 Lesson 2

累 lèi implicate, tired
倒 dǎo to collapse, to fall, fail
衣服 yīfu clothes, clothing
门 mén door, opening, gate
放 fàng to release, to put, to place
死 sǐ to die, dead
方便 fāngbiàn convenient
坏 huài bad, spoiled,broken
行李 xíngli luggage, baggage
别 bié don't, depart,
小心 xiǎoxīn be careful
乱 luàn in a mess, in disorder
挂 guà hang, put up
附近 fùjìn nearby, neighboring
干净 gānjìng clean
树 shù tree
咱们 zánmen we (including the listener)
主意 zhǔyi plan, idea
请客 qǐng kè invite to dinner
忘 wàng forget
箱子 xiāngzi chest, trunk
脏 zāng dirty
呀 ya ah, oh
负责 fùzé be responsible for
整齐 zhěngqí tidy, neat
撞 zhuàng to hit
层 céng (mw for layers), story (of a building)
亮 liàng bright, light
装 zhuāng to load, assemble
镜子 jìngzi mirror
整理 zhěnglǐ put in order, arrange
破 pò broken, damaged
扫 sǎo to sweep, broom
钥匙 yàoshi key
房东 fángdōng landlord
樓梯 lóutī stair, stairs
地毯 dìtǎn carpet, rug
外套 wàitào coat
窗戶 chuāng window
關上 guānshàng to close (a door), turn off (lights)
地板 dìbǎn floor
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