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The Outsiders Ch1-3

bawl (v) to weep or cry in a noisy way
disgrace (n) loss of respect/reputation
mutter (v) to say in a low voice
reckless (adj) done without thinking about consequences
unfathomable (adj) very hard to understand or accept
incredulous (adj) unable to believe
roguish (adj) dishonest and mischievous
scatterbrained (adj) disorganized and lacking concentration
scowl (n or v) an angry frown or to frown angrily
wince (v) to make a small movement in anticipation of pain
aloofness (n) lack of friendliness
cunning (adj/n) skilled in achieving what you want with brain power
gallant (adj) brave and heroic
ornery (adj) stubborn and bad-tempered
quiver (v) to shake or tremble
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