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Beam/Cloud Suffixes

Beam & Cloud Medical Suffixes

a, ac, al pertaining to
algia pain
ase enzyme
centre puncture
cide causing death
cente puncture
dipsia thirst
ectomy surgical removal
emesis vomit
emia blood
esthesia sensation
genesis, genic origin, source
gram, graph pictures, record
ia a disease
iasis abnormal condition
ic, cial, is pertaining to
ism state of
itis inflammation
lysis destruction
malacia softening
megaly enlarged
oid like, similar
ologist specialist
ology study of
oma tumor
orrhagia hemorrahage
orrhea flow
osis condition of
ostomy surgical opening
pathy disease
penia deficiency
phobia fear
plasty surgical repair
plegia stroke, paralysis
pnea breathing
ptosis drooping down
rhagia bursting forth
sclerosis hardening
scope picture, inspection
stasis stoppage
toxic poisonous
trophy development, growth
uria urine
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