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OT Review

OT Review-Genesis, Exodus, Levitcus, Numbers

Torah Law
Nevi'im Prophets
Kethuvim Writings
Tanak Torah - Nevi'im - Kethuvim acronym
Most consistent of 3 canons Torah
LXX Septuigant-Greek translation of the OT
When were the Dead Sea Scrolls found? 1947 in a cave by a boy who threw a stone
Explain how we got the word Yaweh the vowels were added to the word YHWH so that the priests could pronounce it when reading.
1st commandment No other God's before me
2nd commandment You shall not make an idol for yourself
3rd commandment Don't miss use the name of the Lord
4th commandment remember the Sabath & keep it holy
5th commandment Honor your father & mother
6th commandment You shall not murder
7th commandment You shall not commit adultery
8th commandment You shall not steal
9th commandment You shall not bare false witness against your neighbor
10th commandment You shall not covet
1st son of Jacob Rueben
2nd son of Jacob Simeon
3rd son of Jacob Levi
4th son of Jacob Judah
Which was Jacob's favorite son? Joseph
Who was the youngest son of Jacob? Benjamin
BC before Christ
BCE before common era
what's the definition of codex? a book that folds open
Define Masoretes extended family of scribes from 500- 1000
define masoretic text result of the work of the Masoretes (Hebrew Bible)
Define MT consistency made the OT consistent & word placement was consistent. Completed by highly trained.
MT vowels Hebrew has no vowels so they added their own
What happened in 1970? roman Catholics stopped using Latin in their services
How many chapters of the OT are Aramaic? 10
What language is the OT written in originally? Hebrew
Torah/Pentatuech definition 1st 5 books of the OT. Torah=more like the word "gospel" means law Pentatech=specific designation Christian
Define Bereshith beginning
Define Bara created
Define Shamayim heavens
Define Thohu wevohu void
Define mayim waters
Define etiology a story about how something came to be (true or made up)
Define Covenant agreement between 2 parties you keep your end of the deal whether or not the other person does
What happens in 1275 BC? End of the Exodus
Who is Ramses II? pharaoh during the Exodus
Define Lex talionis the punishment should fit the crime
Define Apodictic a general principle no exceptions no punishments listed
Define Casuistic takes into account the cause
What are the 4 sections of the OT? Torah, Histories, Poetical & Wisdom, Prophets
Books as prophets in POT but not Jewish Lamentations & Daniel
Histories in POT but Kethuvim in Jewish Ezra, Nehemiah, 1 & 2 Chronicles, Esther, Ruth
Books counted as 1 in Jewish but 2 in Christian Samuel, Kings, Chronicles, Ezra-Nehemiah
7 Books unique to the Roman Catholic canon Tobit 1 & 2 Maccabees Wisdom of Solomon Sirach Baruch Judith
What is the Major Prophets 3 longest prophetic books
What is the Minor prophets? 12 shorter prophetic books
Who translated Latin Vulgate? Jerome
Which canon has a 5-book sub-division? Jewish
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