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muscle,bone, skin-8

chapter 8

muscle responsible for movement - contracts agonist
muscle that stretches antagonist
upper arm antagonist
biceps antagonist
triceps antagonist
assist the agonist muscle by stabilizing the origin bone synergistic
which bands get smaller in a sarcomere H and I
which band does not change size in a sarcomere A
skeletal muscle is made up of sarcomere
thick filament myosin
thin filaments actin
what 2 proteins are attached to actin tropomysosin & troponin
muslce fiber--> myofilaments ---> myofibril --> sarcomere
Each myofibril is made of specialized ER cells called sarcoplasmic reticulum
skeletal muscles= mutinucleated
uniform contraction of muscles are acheived by T Tubules
acetylcholine releases ion channels into the sarcollemma (membrane wrapping several myofibrils together)
muscle cells DO not undergo mitosis
oxygen is stored in muscle cells by myoglobin
type 1 muscle fibers=slow contain alot of mitochondira and myoglobin
Tybe 2 muscle fibers= fast less resistant to fatigue, no myoglobin, lots of glucose (white under microscope)
loss of ATP= prevent myosin from releasing from actin
permanent sequestring of Ca2+ in the SR, would prevent myosin from binding to actin
Cardiac muscle= striated/ has sarcomeres/ uninucleated
skeletal muscle and cardiac muscle grow by hypertrophy
smooth muscle/ cardiac is innervated by ANS (involuntary)
skeletal muscle is innervated by Somatic (voluntary0
Smooth muscle Dont have sarcomeres, but have thin and thick filaments; has only one nucleus and is NOT striated
Smooth muscles are made up of multi units, single units
multi unit connect directly to neuron
single unit connects to gap junction
can contract independantly of other muscles multi unit
intermediate filaments + dense bodies= smooth muscle
osteoclast develop from monocyte
osteoblast from into osteocyte
osteocyte= exchange waste materials and nutrients within the blood
secrete collagen ostoblast
osteoblast,clast,cyte can NOT do? mitosis
spongy bone has red bone marrow
compact is surrounded by MEDULLARY CAVITY IN LONG BONES which contains yellow bone marrow
haversian cannals are made from osteoclast
ca2+ is stored in bone as hydroxyapetite
osteocytes exchange nutrients in lamellae via cannaculi
haversian cannels have blood, lymph, volkmann's canal
lamella+ haversian canal= Haversian system (osteon)
Bone stores Ca2+ & HPO4 2-
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