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4th grade SS II

Ch 4 vocabulary 2010

trade center is a community in which buying and selling goods are the main business activities
import a good brought in from another country to be used or sold
military base a place where people train or work for the armed services, such as army, navy, air force or marines
map scale part of a map that compares a distance on a map to a distance in the real world
mixed farming farmers grow more than one kind of crop
livestock farm animals raised to be sold
food processing the act of turning raw foods into food products
renewable resource one that can be used and replaced
nonrenewable resource a resource that cannot be easily replaced once it is used up
tourism selling of goods and services to travelers
economy the way people use resources to meet their needs
service job an activity that people do for others for pay
classify sort into categories
compare showing how things are alike
contrast showing how things are different
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