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Hair development begins at what week gestation? 14
Direction of hair shaft is determined by what week gestation? 15-19 weeks
Lanugo hair is present when? 20 weeks gestation to birth
Characteristics of mature hair 1. Central core 2. Outer scales 3. Melanin
Hair follicles over entire skin surface except: 1. Palms/soles 2. Elbows/knees 3. Joints of fingers
Landmarks and measurements 1. Distributions (thick, thin?) 2. Whorls (Brain development. Single= normal) 3. Color (AS hypopigmented) 4. Eyebrows- position, curvature 5. Pubic/axillary hair
Examination techniques 1. Inspection of hairline 2. of distribution 3. of coloration 4. of unusual patches 5. of hair whorls 6. of hair loss 7. of texture (fragile, coarse, wiry)
Pili torti Menke's... copper transport issues
TrichoRhinoPhalangeal syndrome -Early onset -Arthritis - Joint problems -Wierd wiry, thin, currly hair Large foreheads!
Minor anomalies of hair 1. Low anterior hairline 2. Widow's peak (hypertelorism) 3. Male pattern baldness 4. Upswept posterior hairline 5. Supernumerary whorls
Eyebrow minor anomalies 1. Synophrys 2. Medial Flare 3. Thinning of lateral eyebrows
Cornelia de Lange 7q del... all eyebrow issues, long eyelashes, widow's peak
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