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prairie nur 102/4.2

Acid bases causes

Causes Resp Acidosis Asthma
Causes Resp Acidosis COPD
Causes Resp Acidosis CO2 Inhalation
Causes Resp Acidosis Barbiturate Poisoning
Causes Resp Acidosis Post Op
Causes Resp Acidosis Anethesia
Causes Resp Acidosis Narcotics
Causes Resp Alkalosis Hyperventilation
Causes Resp Alkalosis Hyperventilation
Causes Resp Alkalosis Too vigorous Mechanical Ventilation
Causes Resp Alkalosis Lack of O2, Hypoxia, Hypoxemia, Anemia
Causes Resp Alkalosis Fever
Causes Resp Alkalosis Increased progesterone
Causes Resp Alkalosis CVA - Injury to the medula
Causes Resp Alkalosis Hyperthyroid
Metabolic Acidosis Uncontrolled DM
Metabolic Acidosis Diarrhea
Metabolic Acidosis Starvation
Metabolic Acidosis Renal insufficiency
Metabolic Acidosis Salicylate intoxication
Metabolic Acidosis Excessive infusion of sodium chloride
Metabolic Acidosis Shock
Metabolic Alkalosis Excessive ingestion of sodium bicarbonate (antacid)
Metabolic Alkalosis Gastric suctioning
Metabolic Alkalosis Diuretic therapy
Metabolic Alkalosis Potassium deficit
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