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Great Dep Ch 25

6th gr ch 25 Great Depression

organized system for buying and selling shares or blocks of investments in corporations stock exchange
to pay only a fraction of a stock price and borrow the rest from the broker on margin
failure to meet loan payments default
aid for the needy relief
projects to build highways, parks,and libraries public works
a special session of Congress that lasted almost three months Hundred Days
the laws that Congress passed during the Hundred Days New Deal
government jobs designed for needy people work relief
grants of money from the government subsidy
region of western Kansas and Oklahoma, northern Texas, and easter Colorado and New Mexico Dust Bowl
one who moves from place to place to harvest fruit and vegetables migrant worker
payment pension
second set of laws and programs launched by President Roosevelt Second New Deal
tax for workers and employers that provided monthly pensions for retired people Social Security Act
tax on employers to fund payments for people who lost their jobs unemployment insurance
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