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language flashdards

安排 an1 pai2 arrange, fix up,plan
安装 an1 zhuang1 install, erect, fix
按摩 an4 mo2 massage
暗示 an4 shi4 drop a hint, suggest,suggestion
按照 an4 zhao4 according to, on the basis, in accordance with
把握 ba3 wo4 confidence
bai 4 obeisance, prostrate to the Buddha
ban3 edition
ban4 manage,to run to deal with
bang3 upper arm, arm, shoulder
bang4 draw near,be close to
包括 bao1 kuo4 included, embrace
bao3 treasure
保护 bao3 hu4 protect, safeguard
报答 bao4 da2 repay, requite
暴力 bao4 li4 violence, force
抱怨 bao4 yuan4 complain, grumble
报纸 bao4 zhi3 newspaper
bei1 sad, sorrow, melancholy
悲观 bei1 guan2 pessimistic
悲伤 bei1 shang1 sad, sorrow,melancholy
被-炒 bei4 chao3 be fired
背叛 bei4 pan4 betray, forsake
ben4 stupid,dull, foolish
扁豆 bian3 dou4 kidney bean
bian4 argue,dispute, debate
表面 biao3 mian4 surface, outside appearances
冰箱 bing1 xiang1 icebox, refigerator, freezer
材料 cai 2 liao4 material, abilty, talent, attitude
cai1 guess, conjuncture
参观 can1 guan1 visit, look around
can3 miserable, pitiful, tragic
ceng2 layer,stratum
ceng2 once several years ago
差劲 cha4 jin4 third-rate, useless
chan3 give a birth, be delivered product,producing
cai2 money, wealth
chang1 prosperous
chang2 taste, try the flavor of
成为 cheng wei to become /to turn into
chang3 factory,mill, plant
chang3 place where people gather together
chao2 court, government
车祸 che1 huo4 traffic accident
chen2 statesman, minister
cheng2 ride, mount, take advantage
成立 cheng2 li4 establish, set up
诚实 cheng2 shi2 honest
chong1 sufficient, full
chou 3 ugly,unsightly
chou2 silk fabric
chou2 worry, be anxious
仇恨 chou2 hen4 enmity, hostility
仇人 chou2 ren2 personal enemy
chu2 chule de chu
chu2 get rid of it, eliminate, remove
厨房 chu2 fang2 kitchen
chu4 touch, get in contact
chuai3 estimate, surmise
成为 cheng wei to become /to turn into
全力以赴 chuan2 li4 yi3 fu4 no spare effort to reach one target
chuang1 window
吹牛 chui1 niu2 talk big
chui2 hang down, drop, let fall
春假 chun1 jia4 spring vacation
会 议 厅 音乐厅 conference hall concert hall
打扰 da rao3 harass, trouble
大臣 da4 chen2 minister
呆子 dai1 zi idiot, simpleton, blockhead
耽误 dan1 wu4 delay, hold up
dang1 as, serve as, to be
dao3 guide
登记表 deng1ji4biao3 registration form
di 1 low
di 3 bottom, base, the heart of a matter
di1 low, hang down
di4 god, emperor
dian3 drop …….of liquid spot, dot
dian3 standard, law,canon
典型 dian3 xing2 typical case
ding3 crown, peak, top
ding4 reserve
ding4 reserve,book a room etc
diu 1 lose
dou3 tremble, shiver,quiver
du2 only, single 独 子…..only son
毒物 du2 wu4 poison
du3 gamble
妒忌 du4 ji4 be jealous of, be envious
e4 evil, vice, wickedness
饿 e4 hungry 2) 饿 死….starving
饿死 e4 si starving
发财 fa1 cai2 good luck (money)
fan 4 violate, offend, criminal etc
fan 4 violate, offend, criminal etc
fan 4 violate, offend, criminal etc
非正式 fei zheng1 shi1 informal
fan2 commonplace, ordinary
fan4 violate
fang1 just now
房费 fang2fei4 room fee
放弃 fang4 qi4 abandon, give up
方式 fang4 shi4 style
非正式 fei zheng1 shi1 informal
fei1 boil, 沸 水……boiling water
非但 fei1 dan not only
fei2 fat, fertile,rich
fei4 fee, spend, expend
feng1 abundant, rich
疯狂 feng1 kuang2 insane
fou 3 negate, deny
福气 fu 2 qi4 lucky
负责 fu 4 be responsible, be in charge
妇人 fu 4 ren2 married woman
fu2 clothes, dress
fu4 rich, wealty, abundant
复仇 fu4 chou2 revenge, avenge
付出 fu4 chu1 pay off
负责 fu4 ze4 be responsible,be in charge
改善 gai3 shan4 improving
gai4 general, approximate
gan1 dry 2) thirsty
gang3 hillock, mound, guard
ge2 standard, pattern, style
gong1 attack, take the offensive,accuse, charge
功夫 gong1 fu1 kung fu
公平 gong1 ping2 fair, just,impartial
恭喜 gong1xi3 congratulation
gu3 bone
gu3 valley, gorge 2) cereal, grain
顾客 gu4 ke4 customer, client, shopper
雇员 gu4 yuan2 employee
雇主 gu4 zhu3 employer
乖乖 guai1 guai1 darling,dear
棺材 guan1 cai2 coffine
guang1 used up, nothing left 2)light, bright, glory
广 guang3 vaste, wide,extensive
广告 guang3 gao4 advertising
广州 guang3 zhou1 guang3 zhou1
规定 gui1 ding4 regulation, to stipulate
gui3 gost, spirit
gui4 expensive, costly dear
过程 guo4 cheng2 course, process
han2 cold
货币 huo4 bi4 currency, money
涵养 han2 yang3 ability to control oneself
和善 he2 shan4 kind and gentle, genial
hu1 Hu
hu1 neglect, ignore
狐狸 hu2 li2 fox
护照 hu4zhao4 passport
hua1 flower, to spend
怀胎 huai2 tai1 be pregnant
怀疑 huai2 yi2 distrust, doubt, suspect
怀孕 huai2 yun4 conception in the family 2)be pregnant
环境 huan2 jing4 enviroment, surrounding, circumstances
huan4 exchange, barter, trade
hun4 turbid, muddy, feish, stupid
混乱 hun4 luan4 disorder, chaos,promiscuity
ji 1 base, fondation
几乎 ji1 hu1 nearly, almost,practically
ji2 gather, collect assemble
ji2 impatient, anxious
ji2 level rank
极乐 ji2 le5 extremely
ji3 crowd, pack
ji3 supply, provide
ji4 tie, fasten, button up
妓女 ji4 nu3 prostitute, whore
技术 ji4 shu4 technology, skill, technique
继续 ji4 xu4 continue
继续 ji4 xu4 continue, go on
妓院 ji4 yuan4 brothel
记者 ji4 zhe3 reporter
jia1 good, fine,beautiful
jia1 add, plus
交付现钱 jia1fu xian qian payment in cash
jia3 false, fake, phoney
坚持 jian1 chi2 persist / to insist on / persevere
监牢 jian1 lao2 prison
监牢 jian1 lao2 prison, jail
检查 jian3 cha2 check, inspect,examine
减少 jian3 shao3 reduce, decrease,cut down
jian4 sword, dagger, saber
健康 jian4 kang1 healthy, fitness
健康 jian4 kang1 in good health, fit
jiang1 be goig to
jiang1 general, commander
jiang1 solid, firm,strong
坚持 jiang1 chi2 persist, persevere
讲价 jiang3 jia4 bargain
jiao1 burnt, scorched charred
jiao1 suburbs, outskirt
交付 jiao1 fu4 pay
娇惯 jiao1 guan4 spoil t child (viziato)
交通 jiao1 tong1 traffic
交往 jiao1wang3 relationship
jiao3 corner, angle
角度 jiao3 du4 point of view
jie1 steps, stairs
节操 jie1 cao1 high moral principle,integrity
接触 jie1 chu4 come in contact with get in touch
节目 jie1 mu4 program, item,number
节日 jie1 ri festival, holiday
接受 jie1 shou4 accept, take,embrace
接替 jie1 ti4 take over, replace,take in place
接续 jie1 xu4 continue, follow
结构 jie2 gou4 structure, composition
结果 jie2 guo3 result, outcome, ending
结束 jie2 shu terminate, finish up
结帐 jie2 zhang4 pay off, pay the bill
解放 jie3 fang4 liberate, fang4
解决 jie3 jue2 solve, resolve, settle
解释 jie3 shi4 explain, expound, interpret
jie4 check up, inspect, examine
借口 jie4 kou3 pretext, excuse
介绍 jie4 shao4 introduce, present
介意 jie4 yi4 take offence, mind, get annoyed
jin1 muscle, tendon
jin3 tight, close taut
jin3 to the great extent….
尽量 jin3 liang4 as much as somebody can do
jin4 prohibit, forbid,ban
进步 jin4 bu4 advance, progress, improve
进出口 jin4 chu kou3 import-export
继续 ji4 xu4 to continue
举行 ju3 xing2 to hold a meeting etc
举行 ju3 xing take place, to hold
记者会 ji4zhe3 hui4 press conference
坚持 jian1 chi2 to persist / to insist on / persevere
进行 jin4 xing2 be in progress, be underway
jing1 brilliant, glittering, quartz, crystall
jing1 estract, essence
精度 jing1 du4 precision…… 高 精 度….(alta pr.)
精华 jing1 hua2 essence, cream, quintessence
经济 jing1 ji4 economical, economy
精灵 jing1 ling2 spirit, demon clever, smart
惊奇 jing1 qi2 surprise, wonder
惊讶 jing1 ya4 surprised, amazed, astonished
jing4 clean
jing4 finish, complete
竞赛 jing4 sai4 competition, contest
究竟 jiu1 jing4 outcome, what actually happened
jiu4 help, relive succor
ju1 reside, live 2) residence, house
ju3 raise, hold up
举行 ju3 xing take place, to hold
举行 ju3 xing2 take place,hold, stage
ju4 utensile
拒绝 ju4 jue2 refuse, reject, decline
绝不 jue2 bu4 absolutely not, impossible
决定 jue2 ding4 decide, resolve, make up
军队 jun1 dui4 armed force, army, troops
君子 jun1 zi3 man of noble character, gentleman
开水 kai1 shuei3 boiling water
kan3 cut, chop hack, hew
考核 kao3 he2 examine, check,asses
kao4 lean against, lean on
ken3 earnestly, sincerely
控制 kong4 zhi4 control, dominate manipulate, master
ku3 bitter, painful
亏…钱 kui1…..qian lose money,have a deficit
昆虫 kun1 chong2 insect
老板 lao3 ban3 boss, proprietor, shopkeeper
乐观 le4 guan1 optimistic
乐观 le4 guan1 optimistic
泪水 lei4 shui3 tear, teardrop
li3 ceremony,rite
李子 li3 zi3 plum
li4 go trough, undergo
li4 strict, rigorous
利害 li4 hai4 terrible formidable, 2)advantage/disadvantage
利用 li4 yong4 use, utilize, make use of it
联合 lian2 he2 combine , to join
liang4 capacity, volume, 2) quantity, amount
ling2 quick, clever, sharp
liu2 flow, run
笼子 long2 zi cage
lu4 land
lu4 law
录音 lu4 yin1 sound recording
麻烦 ma2 fan2 troublesome, inconvenient
买单 mai2 dan1 pay the bill (restaurant)
矛盾 mao2 dun4 contradiction
mao4 emit, sendout, give off
秘密 mi4mi4 secret, mystery
miao2 trace, copy
明辨是非 ming2 bian4 shi4 fei1 distinguish right from wrong
明亮 ming2 liang4 light, well lite, bright
命令 ming4 ling4 order, command
默许 mo4 su3 tacitly consent
mou3 certain 某 人…….somebody
mu4 dusk, evening, sunset
耐心 nai4 xin1 patience
ning2 peaceful, tranquil
ning4 rather, would rather better
扭转 niu3 zhuan3 turn round, turn about
弄掉 nong1 diao4 throw away
pei2 accompany
pen2 basin, tub, pot
偏差 pian1 cha1 take a deviation
偏见 pian1 jian4 prejudice, preconception, partial opinion
便宜 pian2 yi2 cheap, inexpensive
pian4 deceive, fool, hoodwink, cheat
ping2 certification, evidence, proof
破坏 po4 huai destroy, wreck
pu 3 general, universal
扑空 pu1 kong1 fail to achieve what one want
欺负 qi1 fu4 bully, treat sb.rough
气功 qi4 gong1 qi gong
牵线 qian1 xian4 pull the string
qian3 send, dispatch; send off, exil
歉意 qian4 yi4 apology, regret
qiang1 rifle, gun, firearm
强盗 qiang2 lao4 robber, bandit,pirate
qiang3 rob, lot,snach, lot
qiao2 bridge
qiao3 bridge
qiao3 skillful, ingenious, clever
qin2 general name for certain musical instrument
亲戚 qin2 qi relatives
qing1 light
轻声 qing1 sheng1 in a soft voice
轻松 qing1song1 take it ease
清秀 qing1xiu4 delicate and pretty
情绪 qing2 xu4 mood
qiong2 poor, poverty-stricken badly off
秋天 qiu1 tian1 autumn
qiu2 ask, beg,request
qu1 area, district,region
qu1 bent, crooked
qu3 song, tune,melody
qu3 take fetch, get
取消 qu3 xiao1 cancel, call of, abolish
quan4 advise, try to persuade
劝架 quan4 jia1 try to stop people to fighting each others others
que4 step back, fall back,retreat
确定 que4 ding4 define, fix, determine
rao2 rich, plentiful
rao4 confuse, baffle
ren3 tolerate
任何 ren4 he2 any, whichever, whatever
reng1 throw, toss, cast
扔掉 reng1 diao4 throw away
rong2 honor, glory
ru3 breast milk
ruan3 soft, flexible,supple
ruo4 like, seem, as if
沙发 sha1fa1 sofa
善良 shan4 liang2 good and honest, kindhearted
shang1 wound, injury
上进 shang4 jin4 ambitious
she 4 set up, establish, found
舍弃 she3 qi4 abandon, give up
she4 det up, establish,found
设备 she4 bei4 equipment, installation
社会 she4 hui society
shen1 deep
shen4 very, extremely, more than before
甚至 shen4 zhi4 even, (go) so far as to so much so that
sheng1 rise, go up, asend
sheng1 sound, voice
sheng2 rope cord, string
sheng3 economize, save
sheng4 flourishing, prosperous
sheng4 sage, saint 2)holy, sacred
sheng4 surplus, remnant
湿 shi1 wet, damp, humid
失望 shi1 wang4 disappointment
失败 shi1bai4 be defeat, lose (a war etc.)
实际 shi2 ji4 reality, practical, realistic
拾取 shi2 qu3 pick up (from the ground) collect
食物 shi2 wu4 food, eatables
shi4 try, test,attempt
shou 3 head, first, leader
手艺 shou3 yi4 craftsmanship, workmanship
属于 shu3 yu2 belong to, be part of
shuai1 cause to fail and break
水平 shuei3 ping2 level
shui4 taxes, duties
shui4 taxes, duties
shun4 in the same direction aswith
伺机 si1 ji1 driver (计 程 车-taxi)
寺庙 si4 miao4 buddhist temple
su4 complain, sue
ta3 pagoda, tower
tai2 raise,lift up
推进 tui1 jin4 进步
tan1 corrupt, venal, greedy
讨厌 tao3 yan4 disagreeable, disgusting
提供 ti2 gong4 provide, offer, supply
体察 ti3 cha2 exp. And observe
tian2 field
tian2 fill (document)
tiao1 choose, select,pick up
tiao4 jump, leap,spring, bounch, hop
tie3 iron (fe)
ting1 hall
ting3 straight, erect, stiff
同样 tong2 yang4 same, in the same way
tou1 steal, pilfer
tou4 penetrate, to intimate
tu2 disciple, apprentice
退 tui 4 move back, retreat
退房 tui 4 fang2 check out
退房 tui4 fang3 check out (hotel)
退回 tui4 hui2 return back
wa1 dig, excavate,scoop out
稳健 wen3 jian4 stable and steady
完美 wan2 mei3 perfect
wang2 flee, run away,
wang4 gaze into the distance, look over
望尘莫及 wang4 chen2 mo4 ji2 so far behind that one can only see the dust
危险 wei1 xian3 dangerrous, perilous
微弱 wei2 ruo4 weak, fleeble
伪君子 wei3 jun1 zi3 hypocrite
wei4 defend, guard,protect
温度 wen1 du4 temperature
稳定 wen3 ding4 stable, steady
污染 wu1 ran3 pollute, contaminate
误会 wu4 hui4 misunderstand
xi1 breath
xi1 inhale, breathe
吸引 xi1 yin3 attract, draw
洗澡 xi3 zhao3 have a bath, shower
xi4 system, series department, faculty
细节 xi4 jie2 details, particulars
下功夫 xia4 gong1 fu1 make an effort
xian 4 limit, limitation
线 xian4 wire, clue, line
现金 xian4 jin1 cash
xiang 4 nape, item
xiang1 fragrant, sweet smelling
相比 xiang1 bi3 compare with, in comparison with
乡村 xiang1 cun1 villa, countryside,rural areas
享乐 xiang3 le4 lead a life of pleasure,
享受 xiang3 shou4 enjoy
xiao1 disappear, vanish, eliminate, remove, dispel
消失 xiao1 shi disappear
消息 xiao1 xi news
消息 xiao3 xi1 news
心情 xin1 qing2 mood
信心 xin4 xin1 confidence
xing1 star
xing4 good fortune,good luck
兴趣 xing4 qu4 interest, taste
信用卡 xing4 yong4 ka3 credit card
修建 xiu1 jan4 repair, to build
修理 xiu1 li3 repair, mend,fix
xiu4 elegant, beautiful
虚心体察情况 xu1 not be prejudiced in sizing up a situation
xu2 slowly, gently
宣传 xuan1 chuan2 conduct propaganda, propagate
xuan3 select, pick,choose
xun2 search
循环 xun2 huan2 circulate, cycle
压力 ya1 li4 pressure, stress
yan2 face, countenance 2)face prestige
严惩 yan2 cheng2 punish severely
颜色 yan2 se colors
严重 yan2 zhong4 serious, grave, critical
yan3 cover, hide 2) shut, close
yang2 raise, throw
养活 yang3 huo support for one life,feed
钥匙 yao4 shi key
钥匙 yao4shi key
ye 4 leaf, sheet
yi 2 doubt, disbelieve
以为……原来 Yi wei and it's turn on
依傍 yi1 bang4 rely on, depend on
yi2 different, strange, unusual
yi2 lose, to leave behind
yi2 lose, to leave behind
yi2 suitable, appropriate, fitting
yin2 silver
引进 yin3 jin4 import, recommend
饮料 yin3 liao4 drink ??
隐情 yin3 qing2 facts one wish to hide
饮料 yin3liao4 to drink ??
yi2 to lose, to leave behind
引诱 yin3 you4 lure, seduce
印象 yin4 xiang4 impression
影响 ying3 xiang3 influence, affect
ying4 hard, stiff solid
yong3 perpetually, forever,always
勇敢 yong3 gan3 brave, courageous
用净 yong4 jing4 used up
you 2 outstanding
有…倾向 you……qing1 xiang4 has the tendency to 2) tend to
由不得 you2 bu4 de2 not be up to sb. to decide
yu 3 get along with, to take part in, with
预算 yu1 xuan4 budget
局限 yu2 xian4 limit, confine, limitation
yu4 give birth to, rear, raise, breed
缘分 yuan2 fen4 lot or luck by wich people are brought together
原谅 yuan2 liang4 forgive
愿望 yuan4 wang4 desire, wish, aspiration
约会 yue1 hui4 appointment
yue4 get over, jump over exceed
杂击 za2 zhi magazine
在乎 zai4 hu1 care
zao3 bath
zao4 make, build create
ze2 standard, norm, criterion
责任 ze2 ren4 duty, responsibility, have a grave responsibility
zhan3 postpone, extent, prolong
zhan4 war, warfare, battle, fight
帐单 zhan4 dan1 hotel bill
掌握 zhang3 wo2 grasp
zhao1 beckon, summon; recruit, levy
zhao1 bekon
zhao4 ancient state
zhao4 sign, omen, portent
照顾 zhao4 gu4 take care of
折扣 zhe2 kou4 discount
zhe3 patriot
zheng1 contend, scramble for the power
正式 zheng1 shi1 formal
整理 zheng3 li3 put in order, arrange sort out
zheng4 certificate, proof
zhi 2 hold, grasp, manage
治疗 zhi 4 liao2 trate, cure
职业 zhi2 ye4 occupation, profession vocation
zhi3 indicate, point out, refer to
zhi3 paper
包 装 纸 …wrapping paper
zhi4 remember, commit to the memory
zhi4 wisdom, resourcefulness
制定 zhi4 ding4 set up, establish
zhu3 boil, cook 煮 饭……..cooked rice
主动 zhu3 dong4 resist
zhu4 express good wishes, wish
助理 zhu4 li3 assistant
注意 zhu4 yi4 pay attention
准备 zhun3 bei4 prepare
准时 zhun3 shi2 punctual, on time,on schedule
资料 zi1 liao4 data, material, information
自大 zi4 da4 arrogant, pompous
zu1 rent, hire charter
zu2 foot, leg 2) sufficent, enough,
祖先 zu3 xian1 ancestry, ancestor,forefathers
主任 zhu3 ren4 director
组织 zu3 zhi1 organize, form
正式 zheng1 shi1 formal
政策 zheng4 ce4 policy
阻止 zu3 zhi3 prevent, stop,hold back
组织 zu3 zhi1 to organize
注意 zhu4 yi4 to pay attention
准备 zhun3 bei4 to prepare
折扣 zhe2 kou4 discount
zheng4 politic, government
zui4 guilt, crime,fault
专业 zhuan1 ye4 major, profession, specialized field
成为 cheng wei to become /to turn into
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