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ANS Receptors Table

ANS a/b/m Receptors

M1 Salivary
M1 Bronchoconstriction
M2 Slow HR
M2 Reduce contractility
M2 Slow AV node conduction
M3 Smooth Mm constriction
M3 Vasoconstriction (via NO)
M3 Activates glands
α1 Smooth Mm contraction
α1 Vasoconstriction
α1 Pupil dilation
α1 Sphincter close
α1 Na+ reabsorption kidney
α1 Increase inotropic (contractility)
α2 Pancreas: inhibit insulin-stimulate glucagon
α2 Contract GI sphincters
α2 Decrease salivary gland secretion
α2 Neg Neuronal Feedback: decr ACh, NE release
β1 Increase CO: raise HR (chronotropic effect)
β1 Renin release from JG = incr BP
β1 Stimulate salivary secretions
β2 Smooth Mm relax
β2 Bronchodilation
β2 Vasodilation
β2 Increase renin secretion
β2 Promotes insulin release
β2 Glycogenolysis/Gluconeogenesis
β2 Gi; inhibit AC
β1 Gs; Stimulate AC
α2 inhibitory; Gi; inhibit AC
α1 excitatory; Gq; stimulate PLC
M3 excitatory; Gq; stimulate PLC
M2 inhibitory; Gi; inhibit AC
M1 excitatory; Gq; stimulate PLC
inhibit AC α2,β2,M2
stimulate PLC α1,M1,M3
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