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Oncology Med Term

Oncology Review

alveol/o small sac
cac/o bad
carcin/o cancer
cauter/o burn
chem/o chemical
cry/o cold
cyst/o sac of fluid
fibr/o fibers
follicul/o small glandular sacs
fung/i fungus
medull/o soft
mucos/o mucous membrane
mut/a genetic change
mutagen/o causing genetic change
necr/o death
onc/o tumor
papill/o nipple-like
pharmac/o chemical
plas/o formation
ple/o many
polyp/o polyp
radi/o rays
sarc/o flesh
scirrh/o hard
xer/o dry
-blastoma immature tumor
-genesis formation
-oma tumor
-plasia formation
-plasm formation
-suppression to stop
-therapy treatment
ana- backward
apo- off
brachy- short
epi- upon
meta- beyond
prot/o first
tele- far
Created by: tlindrose