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A Buck 12

A Buck Ch12

How many levels of Surgical Pathology are there? six
What type of drug test measures the presence of a drug in the specimen? qualitative
What type of drug test measures the amount of a drug in the specimen? quantitative
What is the name given to grouped laboratory work that represents those tests commonly done together? panels
In what section would you find codes used to report veinpunctures and arterial punctures? surgery
What is the name of the subsection within Pathology?Laboratory that deals with the laboratory work done to determine cellular changes? cytopathology
In the Pathology/Laboratory section of the CPT, drugs are listed by their ____names. generic
A specimen from a suspect area can be divided into which of the following? block, section
What name is given to cultures for identification of organisms, as well as the identification of sensitivities of the organism to antibiotics? culture/sensitivity
Quantitative analysis is defined as: analysis of a substance in order to ascertain the nature of chemical constituents.
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