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Fit Assessment Terms

Physical Fitness Assessment Terms

Competitive Fitness The strength, endurance, and mental well-being required to be competitive in sports activities.
General Fitness The ability to perform daily activities with vitality and energy, to withstand stress without undue fatigue, and to maintain physical health without medical intervention.
Repetition The completion of a designated movement through an entire range of motion.
Muscle Contraction The tensioning of the muscle during shortening (concentric), lengthening (eccentric), or no motion (isometric).
Trunk The torso; the area of the body on either side of and including, the spine, but excluding the arms and legs.
Range of Motion (ROM) The maximum range through which a joint can move.
Hamstrings The muscles on the posterior aspect of the femur.
Resting Heart Rate The number of times the heart beats in 1 minute when no physical activity is taking place.
Recovery Heart Rate The number of times the heart beats in 1 minute 60 seconds after completion of 3 or minutes of exercise.
Lean Body Weight The weight of a body after the fat weight has been subtracted.
Fat Weight The weight of a body after the lean body weight has been subtracted; the weight of the adipose tissue of the body.
Essential Body Fat The minimum amount of body fat necessary for the proper protection of internal organs.
Parallel Extending in the same direction and remaining separated by the same distance along the entire length, never crossing paths.
Congenital A condition present at birth.
Pre Participation Physical Examination A comprehensive assessment of an athlete's overall health and ability to perform a sport at the highest level; emphasizes the areas of greatest concern in sports particpation and identifies problem areas in the athlete's history.
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