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Wheelock - 8

Cicerō, Cicerōnis m. Cicero
cōpia, -ae f. abundance, supply
cōpiae, -ārum f. pl. supplies, troops, forces
frāter, frātris m. brother
laus, laudis f. praise, glory, fame
lībertās, lībertātis f. liberty
ratiō, ratiōnis f. reckoning, account; reason, judgement, consideration; system; manner, method
scrīptor, scrīptōris m. writer, author
soror, sorōris f. sister
victōria, -ae f. victory
dum Conj. while, as long as, at the same time that; +Subj: until
ad prep + acc. to, up to, near to
ex -or- ē prep + abl. out of, from, from within; by reason of, on account of
numquam adv. Never
tamen adv. nevertheless, still
agō, agere, ēgī, āctum to drive, lead, do, act; pass, spend
grātiās agere to thank someone, lit. to give thanks to +Dative
dēmōnstrō (1) to point out, show, demonstrate
discō, discere, didicī to learn
dūcō, dūcere, dūxī, ductum to lead; consider, regard; prolong
gerō, gerere, gessī, gestum to carry; carry on, manage, conduct, wage, accomplish, perform
scrībō, scrībere, scrīpsī, scrīptum to write, compose
trahō, trahere, trāxī, tractum to draw, drag; derive, acquire
vincō, vincere, vīcī, victum to conquer, overcome
doceō, docēre, docuī, doctum to teach
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