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J-SHS LangLit

AAAA Current Vocab

unrequited adjective meaning "one way or not returned as a one way or unrequited friendship
shoddy adjective meaning "of poor quality"
quality adjective meaning "characterized by superior workmanship": noun meaning "a characteristic of something"
deception noun naminsg "an act of trickery or deceit to gain some advantage"
snoop verb meaning "to look around undercover"
hydroplaning a noun naming "a condition of an out of control car slipping on a wet pavement" ; an adjective to modify a vehicle to suggest it is out of control due to water on a roadway.
torrential adjective that modifies a rain that is "heavy and constant"
metaphorically the adverb form of a metaphor meaning "not literal or a direct comparison between two unlike things"
itinerary noun that means "detailed stop for stop travel travel plans"
accelerator noun that names the "gas pedal in a car": a noun that names "a chemical component that speeds up a reaction"
widowed adjective that modifies "a woman whose husband has died"
diffuse verb meaning "to break up, change, or scatter"
prejudice noun that names "biased or unfair prejudgments against others"
suffocating noun naming "the act of struggling, (sometimes to death)for lack of air": an adjective modifying one who "struggles (sometimes to death)for lack of air"
bingeing a noun naming the behavior of eating or drinking excessively on occasion, sometimes frequent occasion: an adjective modifying one who eats or drinks to excess on occasion
deity noun naming a god or goddess: if capitalized (Deity), it names "God or our Supreme Being"
immense adjective that modifies someone or something "marked by greatness in size or degree"
interrogate verb meaning "to question formally and systematically"
reminiscence noun naming "the act of remembering a long-forgotten experience or fact b: the process or practice of thinking or telling about past experiences
speculate verb meaning "to review something idly or casually and often inconclusively": 2: "to assume a business risk in hope of gain"
injustice noun naming a condition of "an absence of justice :a violation of the rights of another": unfairness
exemplary adjective modifying a noun or pronoun to mean "serving as a pattern or deserving imitation : commendable <His courage was exemplary>; also : deserving imitation because of excellence <They serve exemplary pastries.>
genial having a pleasant disposition
complacent self-satisfied
unruffled calm
smug offensively self-satisfied
to relish (v) to enjoy
to slacken to slow down
auction public sale in which items are sold to the person (bidder) offerring the most money
gale a strong wind
advertent careful
surreptitiously secretly
grave somber
anonymous 1: not named or identified <an anonymous author> 2: of unknown authorship or origin <an anonymous tip>3 : lacking individuality, distinction, or recognizability <the anonymous faces in the crowd>
Prosecution the party by whom criminal proceedings are instituted or conducted
Defense a defending party or group (as in a court of law)
felony a grave crime formerly differing from a misdemeanor under English common law by involving forfeiture in addition to any other punishment b:a grave crime declared to be a felony by the common law or by statute regardless of the punishment actually imposed
shackle something (as a manacle or fetter) that confines the legs or arms
infringe : to encroach upon in a way that violates law or the rights of another <infringe a patent>
impede to interfere with or slow the progress of
accused one charged with an offense; especially : the defendant in a criminal case
innocent free from legal guilt or fault
guilty justly chargeable with or responsible for a usually grave breach of conduct or a crime
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