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Circulation ren

Kidneys roll in circulation

What is kidneys roll in blood pressure? Increased bp -> increased diuresis and natriuresis -> Decreased BV
What is pressure diuresis/natriuresis? A few mm hg increase -> doubles the effect of renal output.
What is the two primary determinants of the long-term arterial pressure level? Shifting the equilibrium point. That is to change the intake/outtake level in ren.
Decribe the arterial pressure in kidney. CO and peripheral resistant changes while arterial pressure in ren is constant.
Define hyper tension. Blood pressure s>135 d>90
Hypertension causes? 1) heart failure and coronary heart disease 2)increased bp-> cerbral infarkt (stroke) 3) increased bp-> hemorrage in ren
Hypertension is caused by? Excessive accumulation of extracellular fluid in the body.
Describe changes in circulary function during volume-loading hypertension! 1) increased extracellular fluid volume-> increased blood volume -> increased CO -> increased bp actives baroreceptors-> Vasodilatation -> decreased resistance
Why does kidney failure cause high pressure? Kidney can't secrete salt -> hypertension
Salt causes? 1) Stimulation of thirst center in medulla.
What is the salts effect on renin-angiotensin system? Increased salt intake->Increased ECV-> Increased BP-> Decreased renin & angiotensin-> decreased retention of salt and water-> Return of ECV back to normal-> normal BP
Why does aldesteronism lead to hypertension? Tumor or patological disorder in adrenal gland -> increase alderone release-> increased salt&water absorbtion ->hypertension
Describe the renin-angiotensin system! dec. bp->prerenin (stored in juxta glomeruler cells) ->renin (func. enzym) -> angiotensin-I (have a little vasoconstrion effect)-> angiotensin-II (lungs)
What does angiotensin-II (prod. lungs) have for effect? 1)Vasoconstricter (arteriols and little on veins) 2)retention of water & salt (because of renvasoconstrion and better absorbtion) 3) release of aldorone (causes better absorbtion in ren)
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