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Decker Konjunktionen

aber but C
denn for, because C
oder or C
sondern but, rather (on the contrary) C
und and C
als when, as (in the past) S
bevor, ehe before S
bis until, by (the time) S
da since (inasmuch as), seeing that S
damit so that, in order that S
dass that S
nachdem after (having) S
ob whether, if even S
obgleich, obwohl, obschon although S
seitdem since S
sobald as soon as S
solange as long as S
während while S
weil because S
wenn when, if, whenever S
sooft whenever S
so dass so that S
wenn...auch even though, even if S
wenn...nicht/kein unless S
anstatt dass instead of (doing) S
falls in case S
indem by S
ohne dass without (doing) S
entweder...oder either...or C
weder...noch neither...nor C
nicht nur....sondern auch not only...but also C
sowohl...als auch both...and C
als ob as if, as though S
Created by: ldecker on 2009-04-21

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