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C1 Believing in God

Catholic Christianity, Edexcel, Religious Studies, GCSE, Key Words

Conversion When your life/religion is changed.
Miracle An event that seems to break a law of science and the only explanation for it seems to be God
Numinous The feeling of the presence of something greater than you.
Prayer An attempt to contact God, usually through words.
Design When things are connected and seem to have a purpose: for example, the eye is designed for seeing.
Causation The idea that everything has been caused (started off) by something else.
Agnosticism Not being sure whether or not God exists.
Atheism Believing that God does not exist.
Moral evil Actions done by humans that cause suffering.
Natural evil Things that cause suffering, but have nothing to do with humans, for example earthquakes.
Benevolent The belief that God is all-good/loving.
Omnipotent The belief that God is all-powerful.
Omniscient The belief that God knows all that has happened and all that will happen.
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